And We'll Crawl, Till We Can Walk Again.

The Unexpected || Open Para

Amanda almost threw her hotel door open walking down the door not bothering to pick up her phone as long as she had the key to get back in, she couldn’t care less not now anyway. She walked out of the hotel looking around wondering which way to turn, deciding to walk straight ahead she looked back making sure she wasn’t being followed and began to sprint a little looking for somewhere quiet around Paris she could go.

Eventually Mandy made her way to what seemed like a lake, she looked around noticing no one was there before sitting down on the grass panting a little while she wiped her eyes feeling tears threaten to fall from them. “God, get a a grip Amanda.” She harshly spoke to herself holding her hand out to stretch it. The water from the lake seemed to start to bubble like it was boiling her eyes widened pulling her hand back quickly watching as the water began to settle once again. 

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    Amanda smiled taking John’s hand as he helped her out of the lake, laughing as he shook his body like a wet dog. “Really...
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    John chuckled looking once again at her hair and nodded. “Yeah. You could outstand any model with that crazy hair!” He...